Installation Data

Installation Data

Acoustic solutions



Simplicity is at the root of all good solutions, and indeed the simple and easy installation of Sonacoustic is one of the greatest virtues of the product. There are 2 options;

In both cases the Sonaboard is glued to the substrate and subsequently thinly over sprayed with Sonaplaster Base, which is lightly troweled. In a next step, the Sonaplaster Finish is sprayed and troweled. After drying of the finishing plaster, the surface is lightly polished to give it the exceptional attractive smoothness, Sonacoustic is known for.

Sonacoustic PL Smooth

SONACOUSTICTest Report125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz2000 Hz4000 HzNRCαw
Sonacoustic® CL, 25 mmPDF0.150.500.850.950.850.950.800.80
Sonacoustic® PL, 25 mmPDF0.150.450.800.950.950.850.800.75
Sonacoustic® PL, 35 mmPDF0.250.650.900.950.900.900.850.90
Sonacoustic® PL, 45 mmPDF0.400.800.950.950.900.900.900.95
Sonacoustic® PL, 65 mmPDF0.700.950.900.900.850.850.900.90
Sonacoustic® ML, 25 mmPDF0.150.600.700.750.650.600.700.70
Sonacoustic® FP, 30 mm (1")PDF0.200.600.901.000.800.650.850.80
Sonacoustic® CL, 43 mm (1.5")PDF0.550.850.900.850.750.750.850.85
Sonacoustic® PL, 30 mm (1")PDF0.200.600.900.950.850.800.850.85
Sonacoustic® PL, 43 mm (1.5")PDF0.500.800.950.900.800.750.850.85
Sonacoustic® PL, 56 mm (2")PDF0.750.900.950.800.750.800.900.80
Sonacoustic® PL, 68 mm (2.5")PDF0.751.000.900.850.800.800.900.85
Sonacoustic® ML, 30 mm (1")PDF0.200.600.901.000.950.850.850.90
Sonacoustic® ML, 43 mm (1.5")PDF0.450.800.950.950.900.800.900.95
Sonacoustic® ML, 56 mm (2")PDF0.800.901.000.900.850.900.950.90
Sonacoustic® ML, 68 mm (2.5")PDF0.701.000.950.850.850.850.950.80
Sonacoustic® A11 25 mmPDF0.140.450.890.950.880.800.80
Sonacoustic® A14 2.5"PDF0.751.110.890.810.820.790.90