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Aucastic solutions

Founded in 1978 in Amsterdam, Asona, NL has been sensitive to providing the European market an acoustical finish which measures up to the highest European aesthetic and performance expectations. The product that won European favor is known as Sonacoustic. Sonacoustic has the highest light reflectivity, requires less labor to install, and is available in any custom integral color.

The aim of Asona-USA is to offer consultants and end-users a choice of several finishes that include super-smooth, orange peel, sandpaper and custom brushed texture plaster and at amuch more fair and reasonable cost than our competition. The final result of any Sonacoustic installation results in a quieter, safer and more energy efficient world.

Sonacoustic finishes have been installed in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Middle East, Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia, and now in the United States.Asona-USA now has Independent Rep positions available.